The Google Pixel C may have lost future security updates

Before the Pixel Slate, the last first-party Android tablet released was the Google Pixel C. Judging by the lack of a July security patch appearing for the Pixel C, it may have been cut from the update program.


Initially spotted by the folks over at Android Police, the Google Pixel C tablet doesn’t appear to have been updated, and according to the update schedule help page, Google only guarantees that Pixel phones (and tablets) will “get security updates for at least 18 months from when the Google Store last sold the device.”

Given that the device was released in 2015 and was last available on the Google Store in December 2017, it does line up with the 18-month timeframe stated on the help page. Of course, we haven’t heard any official confirmation that the Pixel C will cease getting security updates, but being absent this time around does pose questions, as it appears to come right at the end of the stated support period.

Considering that Google has only released one other tablet since the Pixel C in the form of the 2-in-1 Pixel Slate, to get almost four years of support at all is still impressive in the Android space.

As Associated Press also notes: If you are still happy with your Android tablet, you can always stick LineageOS on there and get a few more years out of it. The only downside is that it is still stuck on Android Oreo, but at least the option is there.

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