Schedule Sending an Email in Gmail

Gmail now lets you write an email and schedule a sending time. Schedule an email for later, and it will go out at the specific date and time you choose. It’s particularly convenient for replying to emails outside business hours.

Google added this feature in April 2019. Scheduling emails previously required a third-party extension like Boomerang. It’s now built into both Gmail’s website and the Gmail app. You can have up to 100 scheduled emails at a time.

How to Schedule an Email on Desktop

In the Gmail website in desktop browsers, compose your email regularly. Instead of clicking the usual Send button, click the down arrow to the right of the Send button and then click “Schedule Send.”

Tell Gmail when you want to send the email. You can pick a time like “tomorrow morning” or provide a custom date and time.

You can even schedule an email for a few years out. Perhaps you want to send a message to your future self a few years from now! Gmail will let you schedule emails up to the year 2068. If Gmail is still around in 48 years and Google hasn’t changed the way this feature works, Gmail will send the email to your desired recipient—assuming they still have that email address.

How to Cancel a Scheduled Email on Desktop

You can view your scheduled emails by clicking “Scheduled” in the left pane of the Gmail interface on your computer.

Open the scheduled email that you want to stop.

List of scheduled emails in Gmail on Google Chrome

To cancel sending the email, click “Cancel Send” at the top right corner of the email.

Option to cancel sending a scheduled email in Gmail for Chrome

Gmail will revert the message to a draft. You can modify its contents and re-schedule the email or send it immediately. If you don’t want to send the email, you can delete the draft or save it for later.

Scheduled email canceled message in Gmail on the web



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